Here are the basic axioms upon which this living, breathing body of work(s) finds footing – through which it finds a down beat, a clear beginning to its dance.

1. Our purpose is that of cultivating a vibrant philosophical community based upon feminist principles of inclusion and equality. We welcome all who uphold these values to feast at our table, all who wish to invest their time and heart into this space no matter their background – and do not believe it a contradiction of these principles to exclude those who compromise the sanctity of our purpose with elitist nonsense (of the damaging persuasion). Deal with it.

2. Understanding depends on equality, and equality depends on difference. Without an open, respectable stance towards thy neighbor, there is no opportunity for open, respectable dialogue over the worth of our common rational goods. Our standard of measure is just exchange and our depth grows exponentially; whenever applied, the more we let inside. Stocks are up.

3. In order to properly house multifarious perspectives, we need structures unmatched by the likes of iron and steel: an aesthetic condition. Philosophy is done through blood, sweat, and logically ordered tears; yes, yes, of course. But without an original, spontaneous, playful exploration and expression of the greater questions with which we are communally engaged, there is no sense to make sense of in the first place; no real act of unification upon which to lay objective claims. Beauty is catharsis, guide, and product, All in One.


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