Featured Voices

The greater fields of the arts and humanities offer us a wide variety of ways to philosophically explore ourselves and our world, as well as wide variety of ways to express and demonstrate the truth of our human condition. And yet philosophy has traditionally limited its mode of expression to debate and argumentative research papers, missing out on the vast horizon of realities from which to learn within those greater fields. While we here at The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation certainly champion the fine arts of debate and writing argumentative research papers, we do so in conjunction with a celebration of the many arts and sciences available to us on the whole. For it is through a familiarity with diverse minds and methods that we can begin to establish and cultivate our human understanding in the first place. On this Featured Voices page, you will find philosophers who are engaged in alternative ways of doing rigorous academic philosophy. From essays to podcasts, and visual arts to music, these researchers present numerous channels through which to communicate their philosophical insight – unlocking numerous channels of knowing in the minds of those they reach. We thank them for their work and originality, and for the courage it takes to authentically stand firm in their perspective and voice it with heart. Enjoy!