Philosophy In Motion

There are many different practices and definitions of philosophy. We here at the LCP Foundation take a more classical stance on the matter of philosophy’s essence. We believe that philosophy is the process of knowing, or coming to know, the basic patterns of the mind and human experience – as well as the interrelations between those patterns – and we believe philosophy to involve practicing those patterns towards the achievement of our highest advantage.

In our Philosophy in Motion Series, we interview philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, and all sorts of other folks to gain a sense for how they interpret the loaded mouthful of a stance we take on the matter of philosophy’s essence. We learn how people use philosophy to make their everyday lives more efficient so that they may achieve their goals and grow as autonomous individuals. And along the way, we learn about other ways people define philosophy, both in practice and theory. We hope you enjoy!

Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 4: ABCrane

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Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 3: Ryan Christman

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Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 2: Sierra Scott

Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 1: Summer Blake

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