Another Great Session of P.B.R.

We had an amazing time discussing chapter two of Husserl’s Ideas II this afternoon! If you are interested in joining in the fun, please reach out!

P.B.R.’s Back Baby!

We’re kicking off the new year with a semester-long involvement with Husserl’s Ideas II! We’ll be holding our reading sessions biweekly, and we’ll cover a chapter per session. Check out our Facebook stream from our first session – and be sure to reach out if you are interested in joining us!

Philosophy in Motion with Ryan Christman!

We have another wonderful installment of our Philosophy in Motion interview series. Ryan Christman of Reality Seeker joined us with some absolutely beautiful insights about philosophical purpose, rehabilitation, and balance. Check it out!

Another Philosophy in Motion Success Story

Ms. Animal had a blast interviewing Sierra Scott about her philosophical views. She touches on the power of positive thinking and artistic expression as she discusses her routes to understanding the mind and her path towards achieving her highest advantage!


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