Philosophy In Motion

There are many different definitions and practices of philosophy; most of them revolve around “the love of wisdom.” Lawn Chair Philosophy takes loving wisdom to mean an aesthetic procession of carefully, rationally realizing the basic patterns of mind, the human experience, and the anima mundi – as well as any original unfolding relations and creations between those patterns – by an embodied practice of intellectually connecting life’s various mediums to those patterns through creative acts guided by a commitment to continuous study, harmony, and the cultivation of our highest moral advantage: active rational empathy. Thus, we here at The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation actively explore and celebrate diverse perspectives on the nature of philosophy, our highest moral advantage, and the basic patterns of mind, human experience, and whatever else unites us. In the spirit of that celebration, our Philosophy in Motion Series seeks to interview folks from all sorts of backgrounds to gain a sense of how they philosophically engage with the world and their own perspective. We hope you enjoy!

Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 5: Shannon Frost Greenstein

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Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 4: ABCrane

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Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 3: Ryan Christman

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Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 2: Sierra Scott

Philosophy in Motion, Vol. 1: Summer Blake

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