Scholar Spotlight

Specialized scholarship is crucial to academic conversation and progress. Yet the work of honest research and earnest conversation so often tirelessly operates; unglorified and underappreciated, as well as misrepresented. In our Scholar Spotlight Series, we would like to celebrate some of the wonderful scholarly work that philosophers are currently doing. And we hope to highlight for the communities we serve exemplars of the strict discipline and open-mindedness which ought to indicate the spirit and form of intellectual conversation. It is an honor to bring to this stage philosophers who practice philosophy as a fine, academic art – generating fresh perspectives and original value in their respective fields – and whose work embodies the right ratio of heart and logic, which is most inspiring for diverse thought.

Scholar Spotlight, Vol. 3: Ellen Moysan on Husserl’s Phantasy Presentation and Inner Song

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Scholar Spotlight, Vol. 2: David Valentine Presents on Kant’s Reception in Husserl and Heidegger

Scholar Spotlight, Vol. 1: Jonah Ragir Presents on Husserl’s Conception of Sedimentation and Its Implications for the Revelatory Power of Art

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