Mission and Services

We strongly believe in the power which academic philosophy holds to crack wide open the human mind, to reveal and understand its powerful mysteries and motivations, and to rigorously enrich our lives. However, the benefits of academic philosophy often sit out of reach for those who seek its gems. Whether its constraints be financial or cultural, the current model of university standards and operations cannot carry out the purpose of providing a comprehensive philosophical education for the majority of people.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, our mission here at The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation is to create, on this site and out in the world, an inclusive instructional space wherein all who honor and respect their philosophical pursuits, and that of their peers, may thrive – no matter a person’s cultural or socio-economic background. We celebrate the rich philosophical perspectives our community holds, the intellectual depth those perspectives possess, as well as the inherent aesthetic and practical value we jointly occasion. We believe that together we can raise each other up, educate each other, and bring light to the content of our shared condition.

On our LCP Academy page, you’ll find free and exciting course material, lectures, interviews, and presentations. For those seeking more in-depth readings and resources to accompany our free material, we offer sliding-scale memberships with digital access to our educational database and private virtual classroom discussions – which are instructionally overseen by our Philosopher in Chief and qualified guest philosophers. We also offer affordable philosophical consultation services for those seeking one-on-one tutoring, paper-editing, and professional conversation.

We also serve the philosophical needs of our most vulnerable populations, here in Philly, where we are based. We offer free membership to residents and volunteers associated with our partnering charitable organizations. We offer free in-person philosophy classes for those charitable organizations. And we work towards donating physical versions of our philosophy library packages to as many homeless shelters and halfway houses as we may, throughout the city.

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Keli “Animal” Birchfield
Philosopher in Chief
MA Philosophy, Temple University
President and Treasurer of the Advisory Board

Email: animal.lcpfoundation@gmail.com


Ben Carlo Atim, University of Santo Tomas
Vice President of the Advisory Board


Kristen Keller, MSW, LSW, Rutgers University
Secretary of the Advisory Board

Contact us by mail:
150 Monument Road
Suite 207
Bala Cynwyd, PA

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