Study Group Membership

We here at The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation believe that everyone who seeks the the benefits of rigorous academic studies in philosophy should be provided with clear channels of access to top quality study materials, as well as access to a community of study that reflects their interests. Our LCP Academy lays the tertiary groundwork for such channels through our virtual and in-person programming. And our Study Group offers further opportunities for in-depth study and representation for those looking to take their philosophical pursuits to new heights.

Besides access to our private database of philosophical resources, members of the LCP Academy Study Group receive quarterly email updates, special announcements and invitations, as well as opportunities to directly participate in our organization’s operations.

As in Ancient times, membership for our philosophical Academy is free. Though, we do not require members to undergo reticent spiritual rites or commit their lives to Lawn Chair Philosophy as a school of thought in order to gain membership status. All we ask of our members is that they respect our axioms, respect our membership terms and refrain from any misuse of our database philosophical resources,* and fill out a membership form.

If you like what you see, we invite you to come study with us!

* Our philosophical database of resources and library packages are for educational use only. By becoming a member of the LCP Academy you are agreeing to our membership terms, which adopt a no-tolerance policy concerning nefarious nonsense. The terms are as follows:

1. The terms are subject to change at The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation’s discretion.

2. All digital materials are meant to accompany our courses, lectures, conferences, blogs, and journals – which are instructionally overseen by our Philosopher in Chief and qualified guest philosophers. As a member you must respect the academic space we cultivate. Any act of harassment, discrimination, or hate speech in our instructional space will result in a loss of membership status without notice.

3. If you reference any books, articles, or presentation materials offered privately to our members, be sure to properly cite those references and at all costs avoid plagiarism. If you plagiarize, you will be in breach of copyright law, you will lose your membership status and you may be subject to legal action. If an article in our private database is listed as a draft, and the author asks that you cite the published copy (not the draft version), you must follow the author’s wishes else you will also be in breach of copyright law, you will lose your membership status without a refund, and you may be subject to legal action.

4. Any misuse of our resources intended for educational use only, including printing or sharing, will result in members losing their status and benefits without a refund, and any perpetrator may be subject to legal action.