Philosophical Consultation

Making academic philosophy more accessible entails making academic philosophers themselves more accessible. Our team of philosophical counselors is equipped with historical and technical expertise, a myriad of creative and rigorous thought provocations, and valuable experience teaching vulnerable and underserved populations – ready to serve your philosophical interests, or those of your organization/institution, no matter your cultural background or socio-economic status!

Our philosophical consultation services are donation-based. We will only ask for donations while studying and growing together up front, if you represent a well-endowed organization/institution. In such cases, we suggest a donation amount reflecting current subsidized rates. Otherwise, if you greatly appreciate our services and are in a position to donate, even a small amount will go a long way in helping us make academic philosophy more accessible!

Service Packages

  • Open Office Hours: Are you a philosophy student or independent researcher looking for professional guidance? Do you represent an organization/institution seeking an expert opinion over ethical, epistemological, metaphysical, taxonomical, or aesthetic affairs? Or is your head full of jumbled ideas, existential concerns, and anything else that might become of your worldly matters necessitating a deep, philosophical detangling? If so, consider dropping by our open office hours, where we can carry out a dialectic treatment of just about anything that comes to mind.

* We would like to note that our philosophical consultation services are not a replacement for therapy or other psychological services. We are not trained or licensed to provide therapy treatment or psychological services. Our services are strictly educational. If you are experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis, please reach out to licensed social workers or psychological professionals for help.

  • Independent Study: Are you a philosophy student or independent researcher looking for a personalized, one-on-one or small group course of scholarly study facilitated by a professional academic philosopher? Whether you’re looking to supplement studies in your current academic subject area with applied philosophy, to sharpen your understanding of an argument or historical theme for a philosophy paper or project, or to extensively explore the landscape of the intelligible realm through some other artistic or vocational perspective, our expert team of philosophical counselors is ready to guide you through the right texts, commentary, and other academic resources to insightfully serve your needs and interests.
  • Hands-On Heuristics Outreach: This is The LCP Foundation’s flagship program, offered virtually or, in local cases, in person. Through this service, we partner with organizations assisting vulnerable and underserved populations in facilitating approachable art-based philosophy discussions directed at celebrating a participant’s original philosophical voice, introducing themes from the history of philosophy, and cultivating rational empathy. We offer sessions in music, literature, poetry, drawing, and much more!
  • Paper/Project Editing: We pride ourselves on our excellent editing services, delivered with angelic care and a devilish attention to detail. Whether you’re an experienced researcher or an undergrad stressing about a last-minute term paper, we’ve got the calm, cool eyes you need to help focus your inner vision!

Our Philosophical Counselors

M.A. in Philosophy from Temple University; B.A. in Philosophy from James Madison University; Current Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at St. Joseph’s University; Currently Pursuing an M.A. in Writing Studies at St. Joseph’s University

Prof. Keli Birchfield, Philosopher in Chief of The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation

Specializations: Logic Basics, Ancient Philosophy, Classical Moral Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, 19th Century Philosophy, Continental Philosophy (Specifically Husserl), Problems in the Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics, and Philosophy of Music

Services: Open Office Hours, Independent Study, Hands-On Heuristics Outreach, and Editing

EST Office Hours: Mondays 9:30 AM-3:30 PM; Wednesdays 9:30 AM-5:30 PM; Fridays 9:30 AM-5:30 PM; Saturdays 9:30 AM-1:30 PM and 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

To set up an appointment or ask about Prof. Birchfield’s services, please fill out the contact form below!

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PhD in Philosophy and Literature from Purdue University; Director of Philosophical Praxis for Filo Sofi Arts; Associate Editor of Analecta Hermeneutica

Donovan Irven, PhD

Specializations: Phenomenology and Existentialism, Aesthetics, Marxist Political Theory, Feminist Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy (Descartes to Kant), Ancient Greek Philosophy (Pre-Socratics to Aristotle), Classical Indian Philosophy (Vedanta), Buddhist Philosophy (Mahayana and Zazen), Daoist Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking

Services: Open Office Hours and Independent Study

Office Hours: Currently on Sabbatical

To set up an appointment or ask about Donovan’s services, please fill out the contact form below!

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