LCP Academy

Welcome to The LCP Academy, a study space inviting learners of all backgrounds to join us in the intellectual pursuit of academic philosophy. Here we provide the same quality educational experience offered by collegiate philosophy departments without the cultural and financial limitations of collegiate pomp and circumstance. And our commitment to alternative ways of engaging in academic scholarship marks this space as a hermitage for experimental philosophers, both honoring and challenging the bounds of the traditional academy model in spirit, theory, and act. Whether you’re new to academic philosophy or a seasoned researcher, we invite you to come study with us.

The LCP Academy is an expression of the Lawn Chair Philosophy school of thought. As such, it is a space delineated by a commitment to radically rigorous self-exploration, historical and environmental engagement, and cultivating rational empathy. Our teaching pedagogy is motivated by LCP’s phenomenological Hands-On Heuristics and directs our programming around the interests and intellectual well-being of those who study with us. And as an extension of The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation, The LCP Academy serves to make academic philosophy more accessible by building libraries, building courses, and building community.

We offer a wide variety of free/donation-based educational resources. Our introductory study guides present cursory overviews of major philosophical thinkers, themes, and practices. Our Continental Chop Shop Series examines the major themes anchoring conversations within the Continental tradition of academic philosophy. Our Scholar Spotlight Series illuminates exemplary specialized research from diverse philosophical fields and disciplines. We host numerous live webinar courses on major philosophical thinkers, themes, and practices throughout the year. And our Philosophical Consultation Services provide expert tutoring, editing, and philosophical counseling catered to the interests of individuals as well as organized groups/institutions.

For those looking to become more involved in our scholarly activities and operations, we also offer free membership into the official LCP Academy Study Group. As a Study Group member, you will gain access to our private database of expertly curated philosophical resources to supplement our programming, receive quarterly email updates and special invitations from our Philosopher in Chief, and have the opportunity to shape our direction at our annual Open Board Meeting.

If you are a professional academic philosopher looking to volunteer as a presenter or course facilitator, or if you have any further questions about LCP Academy programming, please reach out to us here:

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