Our First Chop Shop . . .

Was a rousing success! Thank you from the bottom of our philosophical hearts to those who presented this past Saturday. Below is a link to our new Chop Shop page, where our series will be housed. And below that is the video of our first installment in the series. Be on the look out for our next installment shortly after it takes place on October 11th. We’ll be discussing the layered nature of bodies! And if you like what you see, consider donating to our foundation through our fundraising page to ensure that we may continue making quality academic resources more accessible for those interested in philosophy!


New Meet-Up!

Yo! We’ve scheduled another meet-up at the Barnes and Noble in Rittenhouse Square! We’re falling back into feminist mode with this one, as we’re discussing Sartre’s rather presumptuous tone in his treatment of “bad faith.” Spread the word! Join the fun!


The Art of Exclusion: How Sartre’s Treatment of Bad Faith is Bad Philosophy

Saturday, Aug 25, 2018, 4:00 PM

Barnes & Noble
1805 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA

2 Philosophers Attending

In his Existentialism, Sartre advocates for authenticity – for recognizing that one’s present self is not determined by one’s past behavior or some innate personality qualities; that we choose to perpetuate how it is we exist in relation to, and how it is we create with, our surroundings. To cover over this truth and exist under the pretense that “…

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