Official Tax Exemption Status!

Howdy y’all! Wonderful news to share: the IRS has recognized our tax exemption status! Any donation you make to the LCP Foundation may now be deducted from your taxes! Please check out our current GoFundMe page. We’re behind on our office rent. Once we secure that money, we can move onto funding actual libraries and acquiring talent to help create courses to accompany our library packages!

– Aminal


And It Begins!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve begun what we hope to be beautiful partnerships with the Bethesda Project and the Youth Emergency Services (YES!) here in Philly. We’ll begin teaching classes at YES! on July 9th, and at a Bethesda Project location to be determined on the 27th! We’ll keep you posted on how those events go and grow, so stayed tuned!!

Of course, we continue to ask for your support. We will need money for teaching supplies, and we still need to raise money to submit our 501(c)3 form. Once approved, we’ll have official tax exemption status which will allow us to apply for the grants we need to pay for teaching supplies and library packages. Please donate today!

And please do visit our new partners’ websites for more information!